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What Is the Best Credit Monitoring Service?

Identity theft is a big issue in today’s society. With so much cyber crime going on, there are people all over the world losing their lives simply because they browsed and purchased something online. In order to protect a person’s identity, picking a top credit monitoring service is essential.

In fact, having the best credit monitoring service at your disposal is the number one weapon in protecting and improving your credit score. After careful review, there are only three services that help to effectively protect a person’s identity. They are

  1. Life Lock,
  2. Equifax and,
  3. TrueCredit

Below, we will evaluate these top three monitoring companies by using a few different evaluation criterion.


Price is a very important factor when it comes to credit monitoring. By no means is credit monitoring cheap, however, paying a small price to have your identity safe from harm is a good investment.

In terms of price, Identity Guard is the most expensive credit monitoring service. The company charges $16.99 per month for its services, however, as a special offer, it is providing the first month of monitoring free of charge.

TrueCredit charges $14.95 per month and does not have any special offers running on its price. Equifax also charges $14.95 per month to provide its services, however, the company also offers the customer the first month free of charge.

ID Theft Insurance

Should there ever be any identity theft; the credit monitoring service will provide the victim reimbursement in the form of insurance.

Both Identity Guard and Equifax provide up to $1 million in insurance reimbursement should there be any identity theft with one of their clients. TrueCredit on the other hand only provides insurance reimbursements up to $25,000.

Frequency of Alerts

In evaluating the best service, it is important to judge the frequency of alerts that the customer gets about their credit. The frequency of alerts can be the difference between catching identity theft on time or late.

Both Identity Guard and Equifax provide credit alerts every business day through email, phone, and mail or text message. On the other hand, TrueCredit provides alerts 24 hour alerts only if there is a change in a person’s credit. The company only communicates through email and postal mail.

It can be seen that Identity Guard is the best credit monitoring service that is available for purchase. In order to stop identity theft, having the best company monitoring your credit is essential.

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