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Tax Settlements

Surprised by an IRS statement saying you owe? Don’t worry, settling for less on your taxes is common. Click for more information.

What Are the New IRS Tax Settlement Rules?

One of the major new changes to tax settlement rules is the addition of a new program that is designed to help employers make a mi ...
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Should You Hire a Tax Attorney or Work with the IRS?

Dealing with the IRS on paying back taxes is a stressful and often times intimidating experience. ...
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Is It Worth Hiring an Attorney to File an IRS Offer in Compromise?

An attorney or other tax professional can help you to assess your financial situation and see if an Offer in Compromise is truly t ...
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How to Get an IRS Offer in Compromise Approved

This type of offer means that you are not able to pay the full amount of tax debt that is owed so you offer to pay a smaller amoun ...
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How to File Multiple Tax Returns

If the proper steps are taken, the IRS tax debt that has accrued from not filing your taxes can be cleaned up quickly and almost p ...
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How to Arrange a Payment with the IRS

In order to arrange a payment for your IRS tax debt, you must visit the IRS website and download the 9465 form. ...
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How do You Negotiate a Settlement for Owed Federal Taxes?

This is where the Offer in Compromise becomes a viable option to help you repay your back taxes. ...
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How do Tax Settlement Companies Work?

A tax settlement company is made up of tax professionals that specialize in helping people negotiate settlements with the IRS. ...
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How difficult is it to get the IRS to Accept an Offer in Compromise?

Only 15% of these tax settlements actually get approved by the IRS. This means that you may face several rejections before your of ...
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Can IRS Tax Debt Be Cleared Through Bankruptcy?

There are a few items to consider that can help ensure that if you file for bankruptcy you can be cleared of your IRS tax debt. ...
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Factors That Can Help First-Time Borrowers Establish Credit

It is one thing to have bad credit in today’s wo ...

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