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Is It Worth Hiring an Attorney to File an IRS Offer in Compromise?

Taking on the IRS all by yourself can be a scary and stressful experience. Owing back taxes is a serious problem that requires immediate attention, which usually takes the form of filing an Offer in Compromise. The process of negotiating with the IRS is a tough one that can quickly become complicated, and many individuals find themselves needing to consult a tax attorney or professional who can help them navigate through the process and hopefully get their offer approved and begin digging out from under their IRS tax debt.

One of the benefits of hiring an attorney to help you file your Offer in Compromise is that they can help to make sure that you meet the requirements needed to have an offer accepted. An attorney or other tax professional can help you to assess your financial situation and see if an Offer in Compromise is truly the best option for you. You may have a financial standing that is too high to be approved for an offer.

Another great benefit of hiring an attorney to file your Offer in Compromise is to help you fill out all the forms correctly. The forms for an offer on your IRS tax debt must be filled out correctly with the proper information or the IRS will send the offer back. This can take weeks and cost you a lot of time and energy. The tax attorney or professional can make sure that all the forms are correct and that the formulas used to calculate your tax settlement offer are accurate.

A tax attorney can help you understand the process of submitting an Offer in Compromise so that you are educated about the process and can make better informed decisions. These professionals will also go to bat for you and handle all of the negotiation for the offer made on your IRS tax debt so that you do not have to deal directly with the IRS. The IRS tends to respond better when dealing with someone who is considered to be a tax expert than they do with the average tax payer.

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