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Credit & Financial Resources

Professional Credit Help offers this list of resources and links that provide you with helpful credit advice, financial information and useful services for your credit and financial woes.

Credit Repair

DIY Credit Repair – Get advice from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) on how to help repair your credit on your own.

Experian – Credit repair and improvement information from Experian.


Financial Resources

Loan Calculator – An easy to use loan calculator with amortization table.

Bad Credit Loans – A solution for people with bad credit; click to compare loans – even if you have a poor credit score.

Financial Consultants Guide – Addressing  your financial needs, whether you have a mortgage to negotiate, a tax issue or just want to learn finance concepts.


Mortgage Help

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – The U.S. Government will help you work with your mortgage provider to avoid foreclosure, at no cost.


Credit Resources

Best Credit Card Offers with Information – Use Credit Card Rays for expert guidance that will help you to compare the best credit card offers online.



Investment and Insurance services – Investment services, tax software and insurance information at InvestmentSphere.com

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