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How to File a Fraud Alert with the Credit Bureaus

Identity theft is an issue known by everyone around the world. As the world gears towards technological advancement and more dependence on computers and technology, the more the issue of identity theft grows. Identity theft not only affects an individual’s personal life but also their credit rating.

As a result, it is absolutely essential that people check their credit report once a year at minimum to ensure that everything is in order. In the event someone sees any problems such as unauthorized charges or suspects any fraudulent activity, it is a good idea to file a fraud alert.

A person can file a fraud alert with any of the three credit bureaus. Filing this fraud alert will help stop any identity thieves from trying to access any of your personal information which could result in a damage to your credit rating.

In order to file a fraud alert with Experian, please follow the steps mentioned below:


Go directly to the Experian website and search for the link called “Fraud Alert” which will be under the tab called “Credit report Assistance”.

Since the identity theft is only a suspicion and not confirmed, please select the link called “Initial Alert”. You will then need to fill out the required fields. Once completed, submit the form. Keep in mind that this alert stays on a person’s file for 90 days.


In order to file a fraud alert Equifax, please follow the steps mentioned below:

Visit the Equifax website

Select the “Request a Fraud Alert” which is located under the link called “Fraud Alerts & Freeze”.

Simply complete the online form and that’s it.


In order to file a fraud alert with TransUnion, please follow the steps mentioned below:

Visit the TransUnion website

Select the link called “Prevent Identity Theft” which is located under the tab called ‘Consumer Assistance.

Select the link “Fraud Alert”

Follow the on-screen instructions to file a fraud alert either by phone, email or mail.

Identity theft can be a huge problem if not taken care of immediately. By filing a fraud alert with the credit bureaus, a person can ensure future safety and prevention of identity theft.

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