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3 Tips to Help You Find More Money

Find More MoneyWhile you should always be on the lookout for ways to make a significant amount of money (or save a significant amount), there are a ton of ways that you can find a bit of extra income or a small savings here and there. While the few dollars you gain may not seem like much, over the course of time those “little” additions can add up to be a pretty big deal. Below, you’ll find three simple suggestions for finding a few extra dollars:

Never Buy On Impulse, and Never Buy New

This almost counts as two tips, but they’re similar enough that they can be combined. If you’re thinking of making a purchase, always look for a savings. Before you buy a book or a game or a pair of shoes while you’re out shopping, always think about whether or not you could get it cheaper. Does the bookstore have a used books section? Is that game on sale somewhere else? Might those shoes be on Amazon for $40 less? Resist the urge to buy immediately, and do some shopping around to make sure you get the best deal.

Speaking of Amazon, be sure to check the “Used” section of any items you’re looking to buy. The products in that section are often labeled “Like New” and are basically the same as a new product, but often significantly cheaper.

Have A Garage Sale

Garages and attics are often filled with supplies for “maybe” and “one day.” Do you need those snowshoes when you live in Arizona? Do you need those outfits you haven’t fit in for five years? Are you ever going to drag those VHS tapes down to watch movies you can find instantly on Netflix?

Take an afternoon and be completely honest with yourself as you sort through all the things you’re holding on to. Let go of as much as you can, and then have a garage sale. You may be sad about getting rid of some of the things you tell yourself you’ll eventually use, but the combination of a few hundred dollars in your pocket and a bunch of free space in your house will do wonders to counteract those feelings.

Ask For A Raise

Obviously, you’ll have to consider a few things when tackling this tip. First of all, know your boss. If they’re the kind of person who will fire you for asking, you’re probably going to want to stick with tips 1 and 2. Second, make sure you can explain why you think you deserve a raise. If you don’t believe it, chances are your boss won’t either.

Finally, don’t be upset if the answer is no. This is an opportunity to gain something, but not gaining in this case doesn’t mean losing. Have an honest conversation with your boss, and accept the outcome no matter what it may be. If you approach the topic with sound reasoning a confidence, you might surprised by their answer.

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