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Lexington Law is the most trusted name in credit repair. Since 1991 they have helped more than 1/2 million customers fix their credit.


What if you improved your credit score by 100 points?

  • If you have a $250,000 mortgage you could save $200 per month after refinancing
  • If you have a $30,000 automobile loan you could save $70 per month
  • Total these together and you could save $270 per month.

If you tucked away that $270 per month savings into an account earning 3% annually, in 10 years
you would accumulate over $27,000.

What you get with Lexington Law…

Credit Bureau Disputes

Lexington is affordable – no matter how many items on your credit reports you have to dispute, you will still only be charged a flat monthlty rate.

Free Support

Lexington offers free phone, email and chat support in order to ensure the highest client satisfaction.

Same-day Representation

Your legal representation begins the same day you complete the retainer agreement and identify questionable negative items on your credit reports. Don’t worry, Lexington provides you with their dispute management system, Case Valet, to make this process simple.

No Hidden Fees

Lexington does not bill on a per deletetion basis. This means that no matter how many errors get removed from your credit reports, you wont have to worry about charges sneaking up on you.

Cancel Anytime

Charges for their legal services are billed only one month at a time, and ONLY after work on your case has been completed. While we recommend retaining Lexington’s services for at least 12 months, you are free to cancel at any time without penalty or further obligation.

Taking action on your credit is not only possible, it’s easy.

Call Lexington Law today and get a free consultation. A paralegal is open to discuss your credit situation.


No Obligation, No Purchase Necessary

3 questions to ask when you call…

  • “How much improvment can I expect to see in my credit scores?”
  • “Who do I contact if I have questions about my credit?”
  • “What’s the difference between the Regular, Standard, and Premier service plans?”

Please take a few minutes to watch real Lexington Law client testimonials.

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