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Step 1 – Before You Start

1. Before You Start

Get Your Credit Report

There are many different ways to obtain a credit report from the three credit bureaus. You have options.

A. Obtain them for free

– Each of the three major credit bureaus is obligated, once every 12 months, free access to your credit report.
• Choose one of the three credit bureaus to obtain your report from.
• Provide your name, address and other identifying information.
• Confirm your identity by answering specific questions about your credit report.
• You then have access to the report online.

b FreeCreditReport.com

is a service offering a free 7-day trial. Feel free to obtain your reports and benefit from having all of your scores for only $15, and more!.

c. Obtain Credit Reports through a Credit Repair Paralegal.

Once you sign up for the credit repair service, you have an option to order your scores through Lexington Law. This option is less work and gets your report in the hands of your paralegal fastest. (Call 888-338-4106 to get started immediately)
. Know the Five Factors of Credit –

Consider your previous credit actions – do they fall in place with FICO score assignments?

35% of your score comes from payment history. Last year, Lexington Law helped their clients remove over 248,000 late payments.
30% of your score comes from debt. Do you owe a lot or have high credit card balances? Lexington Law can help remove negative items related to debt, but you may also want to check out our Debt Management page.
15% of your score comes from credit history. Be careful before you cancel old credit cards! Old accounts could be contributing positively towards your score.
10% of your score is dependent on new credit. How many inquiries are being made towards your personal credit? How much new credit are you opening up?
10% of your score comes from diverse credit. What forms of credit are you using? Such as credit cards, lines of credit, installment loans, consumer financing accounts.

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