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A. Negative items to be removed:

Collection, Late Payment, Charge Off, Included in Bankruptcy, Judgment, Settlement Accepted, Lien, Bankruptcy, Negative, Repossession, Foreclosure, Civil Claim, Acct in Counseling, Garnishment

b. Lexington Success

Last year Lexington Law helped their customers remove more than 1,000,000 negative items from their credit reports

Some Lexington customers have seen their credit scores improve by as much as 200 points. The best way to find out how much you can benefit from Lexington Law’s services is to give them a call at 888-338-4106. A Lexington paralegal will help you go over your credit reports and identify errors that can be corrected. This free consultation will give you the best estimate of how much Lexington can help you with your credit.

Consumer protection laws are in place to keep you from becoming a victim of the credit reporting system.

Lexington Law helps you take advantage of your rights to ensure that you are not charged excessive interest rates or unfairly denied credit.

After your Lexington Law case worker has helped you identify the inaccurate information in you credit reports, they will dispute these items with the credit bureaus on your behalf. Disputing a negative item in your credit report is similar to pleading “not guilty” to the credit bureaus.

The credit bureaus are then required to investigate the dispute and determine if it should be listed on your credit reports. If they are unable to validate the information that is under dispute, it is removed from your report and your score could potentially benefit.

Lexington Law first began providing credit report repair services in 1991. Since then, Lexington has represented hundreds of thousands of Americans and helped them to reach their credit goals.

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